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Our snowshoe binding is made from indestructible UHMW polyethylene. These harnesses are used every day by foresters, guides, and other people who make a living in the woods. They attach easily to snowshoes, keep a good grip on your boots, and don't allow for "wiggling" of your feet. With the heavy duty spring buckles and 1 inch straps, you can be sure of easy on/off. Also, they are adjustable to accomodate thinner boots in the early season, and heavy pac boots in the dead of winter! These harnesses are the #1 seller!

Free buckle strap replacement program!  Bindings guaranteed forever!

Boot Binding/Harness and Accessories
Our "Star Studs" give your traditional wooden snowshoes the ice-grip traction of the modern type, without the bulking and buildup of snow underneath your boots. If you may be snowshoeing in icy conditions, don't go without them! If you are ordering them alone to install on your current snowshoes, you will need to drill 2 small holes in each toe bar of your snowshoes. If you are ordering them with a pair of snowshoes from us, we will install them for you at no charge. You can easily remove them to store for later use. Sets come with instructions. Free shipping within the lower United States.
Pair of Boot Binding/Harness
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Tip:  Do not order them larger than you need to accommodate a big pac boot. They will adjust enough to handle thin and thick boots. If your size is between the large and small, order the smaller one.
Star Studs