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This snowshoe has big upturn in the front, and a mid size upturn in the rear.  It is great for backing up in the trail, and also improves forward snowshoeing because it doesn't drag as much snow. It is also designed to lay flat on top of the snow instead of sinking down into it.

For Deep Snow/Max weight
Large Upturn

Great support with short tail
A great all-around shoe!
11X44-Supports 150-250 lbs. plus


One of our original designs, very popular style.
Small 13X36 
Supports 125-225 lbs.

Large 14X36 
Supports 150-275

Alaskan Super Shoe 12X60
Supports 175-300 lbs. plus

10X36 "Bunny Hunters"
Supports 90-200 lbs.
(Foot size mens 11 or smaller)

Tracks on left are of a 260 lb man wearing the "Rabbit Hunter". Tracks on the right are of a 180 lb. man wearing the popular aluminum snowshoes. Same snow conditions, much less effort with the "Rabbit Hunter" model.  We believe in this product 150%!  Our guides wear them every day, and our customers buy them after they see the difference between ours and the metal shoes they bought on the way up for their hare hunt at Pine Grove Lodge!

Similar to modified bearpaw, but also has "reverse"
One size   11X30
Supports 125-200lbs.

Snowshoes and bindings are SOLD SEPARATELY.
Installation is always included when ordering a set of snowshoes and bindings and/or studs.
Shipping to Alaska will require additional shipping, you will be notified when ready to ship.
Rabbit Hunter Model
"The First Snowshoe with Reverse"
Standard 11X40 "Rabbit Hunters
Supports 300 lbs. plus

To order: Click the "Get a Quote" button below and complete the form telling us what style snowshoe you want, what size boot binding, if you want star studs or not, and if we will be shipping the items to you. We will email you back an estimate and will place your order in que for when they are ready. You will not pay for the order until it is ready and you may cancel at any time.
Bunny Hunter
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